Highcliffe Primary

Department for Education (DfE)

Highcliffe Primary is a 2FE education facility in Leicester, accommodating 270 pupils aged 5-11. This includes the demolition of the existing Junior block and construction of a single storey replacement building which was constructed off-site.

Contract Start

February 2018

Contract Sum




Contract Completion

October 2018

Highcliffe Primary is a 2FE education facility in Leicester, accommodating 270 pupils aged 5-11.

The development included securing planning permission and demolishing the existing building before works could start.

The project was situated on a restricted site with residential properties on all four sides of the school perimeter. The infant school remained in full operation throughout the works, which required careful coordination to ensure minimal disruption and the welfare and safety of the pupils and residents.

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The gross area of the building is 1,230m2 and includes 6 classrooms, plus additional practical spaces, identically designed in modules to allow the use of standardised designs and materials.

It also contains a variety of specialist rooms including food technology and music, and two double height sports halls/dining halls. The project also included a variety of non-teaching spaces including ancillary and administrative accommodation, all of which we are able to replicate across larger secondary and higher education projects.

Key Relevant Features

  • Live site environments
  • Close neighbour liaison
  • Full school curriculum maintained throughout
  • Multiple stakeholders
  • Standardised, repeatable design features
  • Delivered 5 months ahead of schedule

The building is designed to sit on a split-level site with parking areas to the side and play areas on split level to two other elevation, but still providing 360 degree accessible entry and exit throughout. The building was provided with gas and water services connected to two heating boilers located within the buildings own plantroom. Wet system radiator heating was installed to provide heating to the building. Ventilation to the classrooms, teaching areas, and reception is provided via units mounted and concealed within the ceiling voids.

Works commenced on-site at the end of May with demolition works carried out in June. The new building structure was in place by 31st July 2018. The project will be completed on time for handover in October 2018.

The site constraints required the development of a detailed logistics strategy to deliver 3800mm wide load modules through the residential neighbourhood. This plan was agreed and strictly adhered to so minimal disruption occurred and without a single complaint.

Planning, Timing & Logistics

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