Creating learning environments to help tackle the UK’s productivity puzzle

Research from Styles&Wood’s parent group, Extentia Group, has revealed UK employers could be losing out on employee productivity due to poor workplace environments. It also highlights environments that don’t work well are hindering productivity across all sectors since where we live, learn and work makes a big difference to how effective we are.

There has been numerous articles and reports over recent years that evidence the UK’s productivity is the single biggest economic challenge the country faces today. Whilst there are many factors that need to be addressed and considered in order to tackle the problem, we must consider the environments and ensure they are supporting end-users to the best of their ability.

Just recently we have seen reports on the growing trend that UK schools are reducing the school week to four and a half days in a bid to save money and boost productivity. With mixed opinions regarding the change, it further highlights the increasing need for a solution to support teachers in delivering the best quality education.

Limiting the productivity of teachers via poor working environments, naturally has a ripple effect on pupils and their education. As the sector also faces challenges regarding attracting and retaining staff and providing job satisfaction, providing efficient, innovative environments for teachers to deliver better learning outcomes is crucial.

Moreover, whilst poor school buildings are affecting both staff and pupil’s day-to-day productivity, the UK’s longer-term aim of closing the gap between our global competitors will remain out of reach. Education is a critical piece in the productivity puzzle, by creating inspiring, efficient spaces with facilities that support both teachers and pupils we can truly leverage the skills and talent of individuals; developing our future generations.


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