Health & Safety Policy

Spatial Initiative Ltd shall ensure that all work activities are undertaken in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

All named Board Directors will ensure health and safety is given suitable consideration and that board level decisions reflect the aims and objectives of the policy. A pre-selected member of the Board of Directors will have ultimate accountability for all Health and Safety.

All senior managers carrying out works on behalf of Spatial Initiative Ltd accept their collective role in providing health and safety leadership and support.  All interested parties are responsible for effective health and safety of management on their sites. They will ensure that adequate resources are made available for the policy to be effectively implemented and maintained.

The Board of Directors will promote best practice and will regularly review the safety policy and arrangements to ensure appropriate statutory requirements are met.

The Company, ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’ will:

  • Provide a safe working environment for all
  • Ensure this policy is brought to the attention of all employees and interested parties
  • Provide safe access and egress and systems of work for all
  • Provide adequate instruction, information training and supervision for all
  • Ensure the control of operations, materials and substances likely to cause injury, harm or damage
  • Provide sufficient first aid and welfare facilities for all
  • Fully investigate any incident or accident in order to establish an effective corrective procedure
  • Provide effective fire prevention and fire control procedures
  • Provide adequate facilities for consultation at all levels.

Spatial Initiative Ltd is committed to continual improvement in its management of health and safety. The Company will give full backing to the health and safety policy and will support all those who comply with it. Every individual is required to work to their accountabilities and assigned duties to make it work successfully.

This policy is made available to the public, the Company’s staff, partners, stakeholders, and is made available on all Company notice boards.